Races at least one Befuddled Dane intend to run.

Virtual races can be run as training, or as part of a race... The NYRR Virtual 6 program will give you a free entry of the 2021 Brooklyn Half... It is however not an open field, as for other races there is limit to number of participants... NYRR explain as... The ability to register for the NYRR Virtual 6 Program is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. The NYRR Virtual 6 program will not be available to additional registrants once NYRR Virtual 6 registrant spaces have been exhausted. 

Read more about Virtual Racing at: https://www.nyrr.org/run/virtual-racing

For now following Virtual Races have minimum one Befuddled Dane running.

Solo Race Challenge
All over the world
April 4th and 5th
5 K

Anni Skeete - 00:28:12
Paul 'Belly' Kristensen - 00:31:33

10 K
Frederik Christoffersen - 00:44:24
Kim Lebech - 00:46:47
Kevin Leder - 00:51:05
Michel 'Misse' Briand de Crevecoeur - 01:01:52

NYRR NYC Half - Virtual 13.1M
All over the world
March 12th to 15th
Kevin Leder - 1:50:45
Michel 'Misse' Briand de Crevecoeur - 2:24:52

NYRR NYC Half - Virtual 5K
All over the world
March 12th to 15th
Kevin Leder - 0:25:41
Michel 'Misse' Briand de Crevecoeur - 0:32:31

NYRR Virtual Resolution Run 5K
All over the world
January 1st to 12th
Kevin Leder - 0:23:33
Michel 'Misse' Briand de Crevecoeur - 0:29:18